January 20th, 2019


I know. burry the snow shovel in the snow. Thats the ticket!

zero.  it's 10:50AM and thats the temperature. YUCK. I changed the furnace air filter a day before it was scheduled. It needed it.  Of  course, after i spent an hour or less, shoveling snow yesterday, the plow trucks came around and around and around.....You can't see anything i did to my driveway. But, it's needed. I just saw the 21 day  weather outlook. We'll be shoveling snow and clackering our teeth for the next 2 weeks or so. But this is winter and i'm enjoying it. till my fingers start hurting due to the frided temps.
ok, time to drink HOT coffer and hug the cat.
I'm off
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    Dreaming of a white Chrsitmas