January 17th, 2019

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The BIG terrific Weekend is fast approaching......with a high of 8 and a low of -2

YAY. Winter has finallydecided to wake up and get out of bed and head this way. YAY. Get the snow shovels ready. Don't forget the de-icyer.  Yay.  Now, if we can only survive this artic front .  6 days??  So today i go grocery shopping and get all the basic necessaries:  you know, potato chips, chip dip, cherry coke, maybe donuts?  Oh, and cat stuff.  Oh. and milk.  See is what every person should stock up on for the terrible artic front coming through this weekend.
ah. i think i have it all covered...What did i forget??  oh, real food. I knew i had it placed somewhere in there.
Ok, bundle up folks here comes the artic.  ( and i don't have one Samoyed)
I'm off  ( my rocker, for sure)
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