January 16th, 2019

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Here comes the winter stuff...

Well, this is more like it. But usually, i like my winter snow storms spread out, across a couple of months. Not just over 5 days.  Three dog night? HA  HA HA.  Nothing can beat a one furry cat night.  Once again, Scooter let us sleep in. YAY furry  cats.
Now i have an obituary to write, and collate the newsletter articles. Of course, I'm the one responsible to composing and sticking it in the paper. But, i've done this before and it is actually fun to write about your fellow neighbors ( Hams) and what they're up to. I finished up updating the database. To finish off a great day, Tom Hansen and I fliped the fusion mode to analog just in time for the two metter net. What a day.
ok, time to quit patting myself on the back. i could get a charlie horse..
I'm off
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