January 15th, 2019

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Here we are, on cold, snowy Tuesday.

This day started by me emptying the cats litter box. doing the dishes, and then, making breakfast. two pieces fo toast, one large egg  fried in olive oil.  All of that was not in that order.  Today is printing day. YAY. I get to watch my inkjet cartiridge empty itself out. YAY. But it gets the work done.
I thought we were supposed to get freezing rain last night..  Ok, where did you all put it??  and the artic front is getting closer, and closer....Jingle bells.....well, if i can't have snow on Christmas, this is next best thing.  as long as i dont have  1. walk on it. 2. drive in it.
ok, i'm off to never-never land. I'll tell tinkle bell you said hi.
I'm off
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    hearing the furnace blower.