January 11th, 2019


Yay, kind of......it's TGIF....with no money to spend....

BOy Howdy. what a way to start the New Years!   We went shopping last night and wow, when you can see the prices increase, from one week to another, thats not a good sign.  I'm talking about canned stuf, not fresh stuff. I expect them to be higher in the winter, but canned stuff?
Oh well. It's Friday, and that means "Party time".    You know, stay at home, hug the cat and watch Jac Peppin's cooking show and then the PBS news hour. That kind of grows on you.
I've got a not of designing to do and my creative juices have been soured by the Microsoft OS 10..  Maybe i should rename them Microsour??
ok, time to go and play with the cat. Meow. WOOF.
I'm off ( my rocker?)
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