January 9th, 2019


A good week to stay inside and read?

Boy, talk about getting the forecast wrong. or should I say update it. I remember we were being told that we should expect 40 degree weather this week. "What happen?". Snow, cold and howling wind. gee, this almost sounds like January weather.
I've been cleaning up the paper trail, as they call it. all those bills I pay by internet, I ripe the mail bills up. sure makes a mess. But, what one can find at the bottom of the pile. I just found two medals I got for playing string bass in jr. high school in a state contest. No, I wasn't that hot, everybody got a medal. but it brings back memories of toting around a string bass. Fun.
ok, time to do more cleaning and ripping and then, wheeling out the carts. Yay me.
I'm off
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