January 5th, 2019


Well, I'll be putting dear old Santa away for another year.

What a night!  The club had one big eating fest!  The mini swap started at 6PM and the food eating thing started at about 6:40PM till about 7:12PM. Wow, i bet there was about 40 people there.  Hard to count since some were still in the mini swap room. Oh the food. yum. if you wanted it, we had it.  and to top the evening and meeting off: the shortest meeting i've been to. A whole 15 minutes or less.
A good night.
The afternoon was the funeral for Marian Dowling. This was sad, since i thought of her and her husband Wayne many times this past week. I met friends from the other club that i haven't seen in years.  They haven't changed!  Time is good for some folks.
So today, i do the shottest minutes i've ever had to do.
ok, I'm off
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