January 3rd, 2019


YAY. The Third day of January and yes, We got snow last night!

Boy Howdy. it did snow last night. yippee.  Now i know winter is finally here, if only for 24 hours or so.  Last nights' meeting went smoothly, without any hitch at all. It was kind of long, since Tomorrow's meeting is packed with events: mini-swap, short meeting and then a Christmas Potluck.   But on a sad note, K8WMD, Wayne Dowlngs wife Marian, passed away on the first.  tomorrow is the service. I am plaining on going, but with this weather, who knows.
today, is DTE day. They're starting to replace the entire gas line in this neighborhood. Today, just drill and put in a capped pipe. within the next few months, they'll be tearing up the whole street and relacing the whole pipe. sound idea.
ok, time to get busy.
I'm off
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