December 27th, 2018


YAY. Its a rainy, storming last weekend of December.

What a way for December to go out. Rain and maybe even 50 degree temps!  "Where's my winter?"  I want snow and i want it right now.
So there, I guess i put them in their place, right?  I decided to watch one of my Christmas gifts last night: "Peppa Pig".  all one hour of it!
Today, i get to go grocery shopping. I think, i'll try and go back to the 1950's and get curly potatoe chips and philidelphia cream cheese. Thats what my mom would make for us kids as she would go out dancing on New Years Eve. She deserved it. She was working and supporting us two kids and the two wonderful grand parents who took us  in. God Bless them.
I actually watched "D.O.A.", the original. I was a tad too young to understand it all, and there wasn't any good dinosaur movies on, so D.O.A. was it. Back then, it was shown on WKZO Channel 3  the show was called ," The eleventh hour theater".  Hosted by john Marshal. ah...good old black and white TV.
Ok, back to work.
I'm off
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