December 23rd, 2018


it was all through the house........the cat was still chasing the mouse.

Yay. We made it. 2 days before Jolly Saint Nick lands on everybodys roof.  Kind of bittersweet: one of my favorite meterologists is leaving, or should i say, has left Wood TV 8, for parts unknown ( to us that is- he knows very well where he's going)  Today is clean up day, do the laundry and get ready for Christmas eve Mass.  I may go the earlier service. I don't know if i can stand up for 3 hours like i did a couple of times.  Mid-night-Mass usuually is standing room only. Then, back home and watch Mid-night at the vatican.  a festive day is coming up.
So i better get with it, hun.
ok, i'm off
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