December 22nd, 2018


An early gift? FF XIV upgrade 4.2?

I think i got that version right. Kyle Underwood is leaving WOOD TV 8 . today is his last day. Wow, that was a surprize!  He's been forecasting the weather at WOOD for the last ten years. Doesn't seem that long.  He's not leaving Western Michigan. God Bless and have a joyous life.
Now for me, i walked up to the avenue to mail my small supply of Christmas cards.  I should state right here, I'm not going to spend $7.95 for ONE Christmas card. Nope. I don't care how pretty it is.
Made a majoy goal in coming up with the format and layout for the clubs newsletter. Should be very interesting. The PDF version will be in color and the print version will be in black and white. I tried to convince my printer to buy a color laser, but nope. Not this week.
ok, It's the last weekend before Christmass and time to reflect on all we've been given this past year.
I'm off
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