December 19th, 2018


It's "HUMP" Day. Yay, I think.

Wow, the first whole morning i have to myself. YAY. Now on to work I've put off for the last two days.  Planing is everything. While i look like i'm not doing anything, i'm actually thinking through how to reach the end of my project.  Once i get a solid foot hold, I can "ZAP" right through it. See, now that wasn't so hard, was it. ( Notice how nothing got done wihile i typed that!).
Today is another Non-December Day. cold temps and stupid sun shining so brightly, you have to wear sun glasses. In Decmeber? Yup. I expect this kind of non-sense in January. But not days away from hearing Reindeer hoofing through the sky.
Well, if he doesn't make it here, I can always drink the milk and cookies i left out for him.
ok, I'm off
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