December 15th, 2018


what a way to spend a Saturday morning.

Woke up today to find out my comcast, wasn't working. So, for about an hour, they reset, resent and finally, it started to work. Not a great way to start a Saturday morning. I should have been watching all cartons, all the time. ( No news channels, please).
Now while other people went out on a Friday night to dance and wine and dine, I spent the night watching Godzilla, in the Japanese versions.. The Japanese version are usually longer and they make sense. I believe the first Godzilla suit actor passed away this past year. He must have been in his 90's. R.I.P.
So now i have the whole cold, cloudy dat ahead of me. YAY. I think.
ok, i'm off ( with the cat on my lap. and under my feet)
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