December 10th, 2018


Yes, its true! Today that little kid turns 69!

Yup, I made it. 69 years!  I really didn't think I'd make it to this age, since most of my family either left this world at 67 or 88. Pick one!  But I woke up to a kitty kat meowing "Happy Birthday" to me, in cat talk. ( its goes like  this...meow meow meow. you get the idea)
Then, to celebrate, i took a 8:30AM bath. So now, i'm Squeaky clean for the day. Since i'm still losing weight, i think a German chocolate cake is out. I'll miss that today.  But that doesn't mean soda crackers are in. nope, maybe a double cheese burger pizza from Papa Johns? try it, its great.
What gifts am i expecting today? Why, when i first turned my computer on this morning, i was greeted by a noise from my Hard drive. Yay. Thank you for an early birthday gift!!!!
So, i'll spend the day looking around for a quality dirive.  wish me luck. though, thinking about my life up to now, I've been blessed with so much, i don't dare ask for anything, except to say..."Thank You  God" and Thank you all my friends whom I think the world of. You have made all the difference in this lifes journey.
I'm off ( to see the whizard)
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