November 30th, 2018


Well, that was the day that was. ouch.

I got my flu shot and had my blood tested: my 6 month Dr. exam. Everything is ok dokay.  I feel specially good: i shared with the Dr.'s officice what i found out about the over the coutner medicine i was taking. The company simply recalled the medicine and didn't tell anybody why. Just stopped manufacturing it. Nobody knew. I feel good. Even the FDA didn't show that it was a recalled drug!  Now thats scary!  I should be used to this, huh. I'm not.
But otherwise, it was a good Thursday. Went grocery shopping and ran into a mess at meijers, and this was at 4:45PM. what gives?
But otherwise, it was a good day. Glad to be home and snuggle with the cat.  Of course, the second i sat down in the chair, i fell asleep for a few hours!   This golden age stuff is for the birds!
OH, by the  way....."ITS TGIF".  Have fun over the thunderstorm weekend. YAY us.
I'm off
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