November 28th, 2018


Wow, that was the shortest winter i've ever seen!

Snow storm over the weekend, and back to spring the next weekend. Now i really have a great idea how a Duncan Yo-Yo feels!  I think we're in for it. and how.  But as long as the reindeer can fly and land safely, I don't care. I've already got tired out shoveling snow and then, icy-hard snow. So my muscles have really built up to get ready for shoveling.  HA HA HA. thats a good one!  Heating pad, here i come!
But this is a good way to exit November. What a month. I just hope the rest of the winter stays a true winter. No up and down junk. No, I'm not going to rake leaves in January. They can just lay down till the weather goes throuh its normal cycle. Yup.
ok, there, now i'll get off my soap box ( i'll probably slip and fall off it anyway)
I'm off
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