November 19th, 2018


So here we are...the week of "THANKSGIVING" and " BLACK FRIDAY".

Here we are, "Blue Monday" and the week of the Bird!  oh, and sales at every turn.   So the Christmas season starts.  Santa parades, Christmas trees tied to the roof of passing cars. ah..must be that tiime.
So today, i just do the laundry thing, have coffee company in a while and do other things before the BIRD day. once again, my neighbor is doing all the cooking ( slo-pot)  and getting everything ready. for the 4 of us. 4? yupe, sophia the pooch, scooter the cat and her and me. 4.
This has almost become a tradision for us. Which is a good thing. Now if only we don't have a heat wave this Thursday before winter comes back.
ok, time to start doing the laundry.  unless, of course, your volunteering to do it for me?? I didn't think so.
I'm off
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