November 17th, 2018


IT's "SKYRIM" Saturday.

Because its cold and snowy outside. Nope. Not going to rake and shovel the leafs. they can wait, just like the grass does, for spring.  Which should pop up around 7 months from now?    Well, i fell asleep in the chair last night. Again.. This time, we, the cat and i, crawed into bed and he slept cuddled in my arms. Then, a great goody thing happened!  He let us sleep in!!!!    and on a Saturday too!  What a cat. Of course, that means i'm way late getting anything done like i normally would on a Saturday, but it feels good to wake up and watch the snow flakes gently float down. ah...... And i don't have to get out in this stuff!  Life is good!
But i do have club stuff to get done with. Hopefully, that won't take that long. also, time to backup "everything" on the desktop computer we have a nasty failure. yuck. Now thats work.
Ok, here i go. Have a happy Saturday.
I'm off

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