November 14th, 2018


I miss RUff & REDDY.

But i especially miss hearing that the drug i've been taking for over 20 years has just been RECALLED!. And not one drug store or grocery store or for that matter, my Dr. had heard that yet.  This is the second time I've had to check out a new drug. and its all been for the same ailment: GERD. yuck. Nuts, I say.
So i greet Hump day with exploring new drugs that won't end up killing me. "Who can we trust now days?".
But on the lighter sige, this hump day is when we go out to dinner with friends tonight. We've had chinese, mexican and even good oldfashion Denny's. No idea where we'll end up tonight.  Meat loaf and mashed potatoes and sweet peas sound good to me!
ok, time to roll out the carts: no delay due to veterants day.
I'm off
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