November 10th, 2018


We had a snow storm last night!

I couldn't believe my eyes!  I couldn't see across the street, the snow was blowing so hard. Now today, we're toasty in the 26 degree November weather. ?  Huh?  We didn't even have snow last year, now, 1 1/2 inches and counting.
But, it is pretty out. I even shoveled the steps due to my receiving an order or two today.  No, i'm not going to shovel the sidewalk. it's not that bad. Yet. But the temp sure is. Now thats cold! From 80 3 weeks ago to 26. Thats a big drop
So today is sled Saturday. YAY us, except its not snowy enough to sled yet. yuck. I tried to pass it off.
Well, enjoy the weekend and stay warm. and keep your pets inside!
I'm off
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