November 9th, 2018

happy me

Yes, I'm a happy camper! IT'S TGIF and the FIRST SNOW FALL! YAY.

Ah, what a way to leave summer and fall behind us. Wake up to snow falling and the cat was sitting by the window watching the glory of it all. It took a lot longer to eat breakfast, while watching the snow. AH......No more 90 degree days and 70 degree nights. and the mosquitos...again, YAY.
So This is TGIF and time to plan our fun filled weekend. We can, 1. shovel snow ( not likely- too warm) 2. build a snowman. again, not cold enough. 3. Hey, its the weekend, go have some fun. be yourself and enjoy YOU.
Ok, time to do the chores.
I'm off
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