November 8th, 2018

windows xp autumn

1 to 2 inches of snow......through the weekend.

it was cold last night. I went out to dinner with the "WEDNESDAY", Hump day crowd. We ate a Delicious burrito at El Burritos LOCO.  Never been there before. it was great. The hump day meal usually involves catching up with what people have been doing over the past week. I just sat there and ate. Slowly. chewed slowly too. it was that good.
But, after i got home, i fell asleep in the chair for 2 hours and promply when to bed??? I think that order is mixed up, but it worked for me. Now i'm going to make out a grocery list and enjoy the S.N.O.W. that is coming. We're about 15 degrees colder than we should be at this time of year.
ok, time to de-icy something, probably my dreams?
I'm off
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