November 5th, 2018

Avalon Trolley

gloomy, soggy Blue Monday.

"What a way to start the week!". Gloomy, rainy, cold. Did i mention S.N.O.W. is in the forecast for later this week?  Well, I just did. and one month ago i was walking up to the avenue to get a can of gas for the mower. But then, the mower wouldn't start!  So, out comes the rake, but i won't rake when its raining outside and at 42 degrees. Kind of cold, it is.
Well, I did it. after 1 1/2 days of searching, i found all 24 gems and the crown. YAY me. and i got.....nothing more for all that work!
I think it's time for Fallout 4, legacy edition.
Well, we had elections Friday at our club, only the president and i couldn't get there: he had emergency work to do and i didn't have a way to get there. I'll get my stuff off to the new prez and if i can figure out who the new V.P., i'll sent him stuff too.
Today, is I don't have snacks for Rich. HA HA HA. He is really on a diet now. and i plan to help him out.
ok, time to get with it. gloomy day it is.
I'm off
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