November 4th, 2018

Mojo JO jo

Mo Jo Jojo heard you weren't going to vote???

Today is soggy Sunday. And cold. But, we did go off Daylight saving time. YAY US. The cat and i slept in till 10AM. WOW. Now thats more like it. This means we start the holiday seasons: Bird day, followed by MY BIRTHDAY,and of course, Chirstmas. I intentionally left out shoveling snow and sprinkling de-icer on the everything, because nobody wants to talk about that part of winter. I also am not planing on watching any news programs till Wednesday. Way too many ads and political non-sense.
 Today is the day i finish collecting the gems and get all 24 of them!  This is for Skyrim. Oh, i also just saw that Elderscrolls 7 maybe out in 5 to 7 years. it's called "Red Somehing or the other". I didn't catch the name, i was too excited to hear about the next issue of elderscrolls.
ok, time to cuddle the cat.
i'm off
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