November 2nd, 2018


Yes, i know I'm way early, but then, so is just about every other store around town!

What a marketing mess!  ailses full of unsold Halloween candy, and other aisles starting to show off Christmas stuff????  What are they thinking?
One season at a time.
It' TGIF and also, end of Daylight saving time. YAY. Sunday at 2AM we get to sleep in a whole hour later. YAY us.   As for me, i'll have oodles to do for the club. we're having elections tonight and this time, we'll change the president and Vice president. Ok, a few other offices we be changed too. but, it's in keeping with the election day Tuesday.  And, to add excitement to this weekend and Tuesday, They have S.N.O.W. in the forecast this coming week.  "YES!"
ok, go enjoy the wonderful weekend. SLeep in.
I'm off
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