November 1st, 2018

green plumkin

WOW! Now that was a Halloween for the history books!

Really, we had a Halloween tricksters for the record books!  Both sides of my street, for about 2 1/2 blocks, were packed with kids and their parents. going door to door!  For years before, if we had maybe 50 kids, we were lucky. Last night broke the record.  It was great to see, however, I didn't buy any candy and I was on my way too a board meeting. On the way, we didn't see that crowd of treaters dulplicated on any other street. Must be all my squirrels and skunks have spread the word?
Goodbye October.....Hello November. Yes. the bird month. and Snow too.
ah, now we're talking.slip and gain weight all in one month!  What a deal.
ok, time for me to change the inkjet cartridge. yuck!
I'm off
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