October 30th, 2018

green plumkin

a sunny, brightly lit Tuesday.

The next to the last day of October. Wow, this month sure seems to have gone quickly.  But i feel good. I don't need glasses and now i can read a book! YAY ME!. So what will be the first book I'll pick? " Just for practice, how about " Breakfast of Champions", or "Dinosaur Heresys".  Two of my favorite books. Well, the last one should be treated as a text book, but i enjoy reading it. Or, Jean Piaget's texts on education?
There, i just had a survey on next weeks election. took 9 minutes, but was a serious attempt at painting a picture of who i am politically centered on.
ok, it's a nice day so far.
now, get ready to replace the inkject cartridge. yuck. It cost twice what the printer cost me. I WANT A LASER.
ok, time to greet the day.
I'm off
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