October 29th, 2018

green plumkin

Hey, it's " rachelmanija's" Birthday today!

A very Happy Birthday to you, Rachelmanija.  She has helped me out with travel plans to Japan and shared her experience of where to go and where not to go when i visit Japan. She also is a very talented writter.
"Happy Birthday".
Great way to start a Monday. I got most of my Blue Monday work done yesterday. So today is visitors and some secretarial work for the club.
Wow. three more days left of October. it sure is moving right along, isn't it. I mean time and the seasons. Gee whiz, Turkey day is coming and then.........My Birthday. Wow. it will be spring before the first 3 feet of snow falls.
ok, i'm dreaming here. we've got a lot of winter weather to get through first.
I'm off
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