October 25th, 2018

Vidal two

Well, there went my Hump Day plans.

The lawn mower wouldn't start.  Of course, i had just filled it with gas so i could  mow both front and rear. YAY me. I cranked till the battery wouldn't turn it over, but no run. So, put it on the front porch and charge the battery for 2 days. Thats for winter preperation. I guess the lawn will stay kind of tall, but i can still rake it.
IT got down to 24 degrees last night too. oh boy. here we go. nuts. I remember not long ago when we had a warm October rain on Halloween. Not the forecast of possible snow.
Good thing i have other stuff to fall back on, like playing "Skyrim" or cleaning. But i think Skyrim will win out.
What a Thursday.
I'm off
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