October 17th, 2018

windows xp autumn

It's a cloudy, going to get colder Thursday, on a Wednesday. "HUMP DAY"

Fall is definetly here. we're supposed to get the first hard freeze this coming Thursday through Friday morning.  I think i said that right.
Today is going to be roll out the carts day. Yay me. I get to get cold twice today and maybe coil and drain the garden hose. Yay me again.  If it aint one thing.
The cat helped keep me snug as a bug last night and he doesn't know it yet, but throughout the day today! It's one of those early winter-late fall days. The leafs look beautiful, till they drop and you have to rake them up. or you should rake them up. snow and ice on leaves is dangerous. Like mother natures own sledge.
ok, time to pet the cat.
I'm off
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