October 15th, 2018

windows xp autumn

Wow, this is the week of our first hard frost of 2018. well, this fall season anyway.

Yup. we're going to bottom out at around 30 degrees Friday or Saturday morning. YAY us. You know what that means??  S.N.O.W.  YAY.   ah...icy sidewalks, slippery roads, snow all over the place. We deserve this.
So, this is great cuddling a cat or dog weather.
Now for me, I have a lot to do, but just get sidetracked with being "Retired". I'm still not sure what that means. I still do as much or more work as i did before. only a lot slower,. ( or maybe I'm tired from petting the cat so much?)
So Blue Monday is upon us, but this time, i fooled her: I did the laundry on Saturday. Good thing too. I've got company and a delivery coming today.
Ok, I'm off
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