October 14th, 2018

windows xp autumn

a beautiful fall day, complete with 34 to 42 degree mornings.

Wow, late summer Tuesday, 85 degrees, early fall Saturday, 34 degrees. Yes sir, we're in Michigan.
Microsoft is into fall too. I got 5 updates last night and just 10 mintues ago.  But its sunny Sunday. a bright, cool day to 1. watch foot ball. 2 rake up the leaves and 3. forget the first two and just be lazy.
I watched " The Shape of water" last night. surprizing film. But i liked it. next up, avengers infinity war.
it's going to be a nice day. enjoy.
I'm off
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windows xp autumn

"In memory.....Sayajim"

Every year i re-post the obituary of a Dragonball Z friend  i met at user net. He was a high school student who loved band and computers.
So for anther year...

"James "Jim" Allen Stanfield died on October 2, 2002"

from ancientone.
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