October 6th, 2018

Avalon Trolley

Wow, a cold November rain in October?

Yup. the rain last night felt like it should have been November 5th, not October 5th. But good sleeping weather: i fell asleep in the chair till 2:30AM!  and the cat didn't even try to wake me up! The nerve!
But he made up for it. He let us both sleep in till 10AM. and on a Saturday too.
Good cat.
So today i get to play the club meeting back and record the minutes.  YAY me.  I had fun last night. It's good to see old friends and meet new ones. except the cold rain. we went out for a snack afterwards, and man, it was 46 degrees and raining. yuck. but still, it was enjoyable and the freindship warmed me through and through.
ok, its time to hug the cat.
i'm off
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