October 5th, 2018

Avalon Trolley

Yes, we're back...."TGIF" on a gloomy Friday and cold.

47 degrees at 10AM!  sure a lot different from 80 degrees two days ago. But hey, this is Michigan. We're used to this. Ha Ha Ha.   No, we're not!
Well, last night was a surprize: went out to dinner with Rich, Joyce, Jack and the two rascals. We went to Russes on ALpine. Big restrurant, but not too many customers???
But this was on a Thursday night too, maybe during the weekend and Friday night will pick up business.
Today is one gloomy day. heck of a way to start the weekend. I've got our club meeting tonight and possible walk up to get a can of gas. I can't believe how quick the weather patten has changed.  Tonight we hear who has won Artprize 10.   I'm glad to see the old city come alive with new ideas.  Except those stupid circle islands in the middle of streets!  what a stupid idea!
ok, i'm off.
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