October 4th, 2018

Boys be boys

So much for the last day of 80 degrees

The heat got lost in the humidity. otherwise, it would have been a perfect day to say bye bye to summer.  Then the rains came last night.  and now, we're in the yo-yo forecast for the rest of the 14 days. sigh.
But today is HAPPY after Hump day, Thursday.  Today is laundry day, grocery day, maybe and be greatful for the 3 day vacation i have. Sort of. My ride is on a 2 week vacation and is going up north. Good for him. He needs to get away from here.
Me, i'll just wait and hope snow doesn't show up early. But you never know.
ok, time to cuddle the cat. he told me its time.
I'm off
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    Riders on the storm. The Doors