September 25th, 2018

windows xp autumn

Wow, the leaves are already starting to turn colors.

TIme to clean up the rake and make room in the yard waste cart. This is going to be a dozzy.  So its happy Tuesday. Happy because the cat let me sleep in today. That was nice. And he slept in my living room chair for over 6 hours yesterday. He needed it. Older cats are like that. So are people.
Well, today, i have only the normal stuff to get done, like come up with enough articles for the newsletter. Plan on the web site for the WMHOTY award. That should be interesting, since all of my web creation software will not work with WIndows 10 or even 7.   But the design is the thing.
This is also the last full week of SEPTEMBER. Oh my goodness!  The time is flying by us!
ok, i'm off
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