September 19th, 2018

Test Pattern

"There's nothing wrong with your TV set". True, its the lousy programing they have on.

Wow, what a waste land TV programing has become. I remember Ted Mack, the amateur hour, and the ed sullivan show. But all these talant shows. Don't get me wrong, the contestants surely do have talant, and are creative, but to have so many different shows on. Thats kind of flooding the market, isn't it?
So i guess i'll be content to watch Norvil, Bobgobblin. They amuse me at lease.
So Happy HUMP day. It's 20 degrees cooler than it was yesterday and last night, I only swapped one mosquitos.  What gives?  they move down south for the fall?  Saturday is the official start of fall. Goodbye hot, humid summer.
Now we can get ready for shoveling snow, slipping on icy sidewalks and dream about the return to summer???
ok, I'm off
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