September 18th, 2018


well, todays the day. I fight ALduin.

The mosquitos are here to stay!  I saw a few last night wearing winter coats!  The critters are prepaired this year. But, they dont seem to have to worry. This unseasonable weather will be us for the next couple months.  I guess i should make up my mind and just go up to the marathon station and get a whopping $3.00 worth of gas.
That should last through pick up leaves season, which probably will be very short this year, like 2 weeks?
I'm just tired from not getting a good nights sleep. the cat woke me up at 7:43AM today, because he wanted to be fed. Good boy!  Scooter the cat and i have a good communications going between us. He tells me when he wants to be held, fed and just scratched. and i simply do it.  It's almost like being married??  just kidding.
So today is cat nap time, if the mosquitos lieave me alone long enough, that is.
ok, swat those critters.
I'm off
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