September 16th, 2018


Yes, its hot, late summer, early fall, heat wave Sunday.

I did it!  I managed to get enough courage to go out and mow my lawn!  Yes i did!  Well, the front and half of the back yard: i couldn't see the lawn mowers gas cap long enough to fill it; mosquitos were all over my face.  Wow, i just brushed them off and mowed and mowed, and then sweated and sweated. But i got the front done, Now tomorrow, i'll walk up and get some petrol and finish the back yard. Boy, aint i something!!
and to top it all off, the cat let me and him sleep in today. YAY!
Ok, time to relax on hot, steamy Sunday. probably the last one we will have this season.
and then, ART PRIZE comes to town this week.
I'm off

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