September 10th, 2018


wake up, sleepy head..." It's MONDAY"

ah, so we finally made it. Got through the brutal weekend and now we're safe inside school, work place home, to do Mondays' work.  or not. From 88 to 54. ok, i can see that is how the weather is treating us. we deserve it too. Well, kind of. ok maybe not.
I did most of my work yesterday afternoon. so today i can goof around while thinking how best to re-design the newsletter.  its not as easy as you think. To color or not. that is a big question. pull my thinking cap on. it will come to me.  Till then, i have company coming over and will look over printers. Four inkjet cartridges are about all i'm willing to buy for one printer.
ok, off to the catalog.
I'm off
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