September 9th, 2018

Throne of Blood

its the third day the furnace woke me up, when it kicked on.

54 degrees?  ok. I guess we're moving fast through August right into fall.  Well, i cooked yesterday. I tried to make garlic-lase ( thats goulash with way too much garlic added). it came out great. I did miss celery and mushrooms, but it still hit the spot on a cold saturday afternoon. No football, just "Teenage muntant ninja turtles". YAY me.
Today is video game Sunday. hitting the spot with my RPG: Skyrim. I never thought i'd pay that much to play a game, but this one is different, i get to think, plan and use my memory to solve how to get out of a maze. It's fun exercising ones grey cells.
So time to make run for the cat on my lap.
I'm off
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