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September 8th, 2018

We need to place an order for sunny weekends, and yuckie work days. But, it is really nice weather right now.
So yesterday i went grocery shopping and got lost trying to find products: Meijer had changed the gondolas again.  i guess its suppose to help out the marketing folks, but for us buyers, its a pain. I want to shop and get out of the store as quickly as i can. Do the business and go. But not now. oh well, window shopping down aisles is ok, for a while.
So today, is the first taste of "FALL-2018". It's nice. Great sleeping weather with a snugglely cat. ah....
It is also GRARA's swap Saturday. its in full session right now. A great day to hold it.
Ok, the cat jumped down, time to go.
I'm off.