September 7th, 2018


YAY, it is officailly "TGIF"

We've been waiting for TGIF since we had Monday off.  We often think like that. Had dinner with the four of us, Jack, Rich, Joyce, Damian and of course, Isabella.  I tried a "Slam". ( where ever do these marketing people come up with these names?). Eggs, ham, toast and hash browns. Surprizing, it was very good!
I also managed to get the board club minutes done. and, i had to change the batteries in my Sony voice reocrder. Now that lasted a good 3 meetings and playback. Good design.
I also retired my old coffee maker. installed and washed out a new Mr.Coffee. They make these things cheaper and cheaper every month. This one should last me about 6 months?
Wo it's TGIF. What are you doing over the weekend?
ok, time to enjoy the cool.
I'm off
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