September 5th, 2018


she's all smiles today. It's the second full day of school.

Reading, writing, and arthmatic. ah, i miss the good old days. The black board had all the letters of the alphabet posted above them, small and capitals. Book reports, learning about nature, having presentations in the auditorium.  Now days, my learning experience comes mainly from dealing with volunteering with different clubs. and, coming up with scemes to deal with the tasks that come up with Skyrim. It makes you think.  I don't watch TV that much since Nick moved "PeterRabbit" and "Wally Kazam" to the wee hours of the morning, like 2:34AM and 7AM. Nuts.  So its movie time for my TV watching, if at all.
Today starts the GRARA week. Board meeting tonight, groceries tomorrow, friday meeting and saturday the swap.  good gosh. I'm more busy being retired than i was when i was working!
I'm off
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