September 2nd, 2018

happy me

Yes, i'm happy. It's day two of Labor Day weekend. YAY us.

There's something special about being woke up at 3:45AM by hearing thunder and flashes of lightening light up the bedroom.  Of course, the special is when the cat cuddles up closer to you than your skin. He was scared. I don't blame him. Wow, what a show that was. Rian spaling against the window, the street lights going off. This on  a Sunday too boot.
Now i know i must mow the lawn. Nuts!  I thought, half heatedly, that i could wait till like, next spring? WIshful thinking, i know.  But a boy can dream.
So, wait for the next round of rain, today, tomoorrow, ect ect.  Have you given any thought to what this would be like if this were in the middle of January, and this was all snow?
Scared you, didn't i.
ok, i'm off
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