August 31st, 2018


oh boy. i was a sick boy yesterday.

Not sure if it was food poisoning, or some kind of virus, but it hit and i did nothing but be, sick. I hate being sick. being sick takes control over all your plans and things you need to do. It started about 10AM and really let up around 4 AM. yuck.  There was a good point to being sick: i discovered my apple jacks ceral is too old to eat. So something positive came from this.
And there's nothing like having a "I'll make you feel better cat" to cuddle up on, near you.
So today, i play make up. do all the things i was supposed to do yesterday, like empty the cat litter box, make out the bills, and feed the cat.
But, unlike so many other poor souls, I seem to have got better.
Thank you God.
Now on to TGIF
I'm off and naping
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