August 30th, 2018


YAY. It's the day before TGIF!

Had a nice Pleasance evening dining with my friends and their two babies: isabella and Damien. oh, did i forget to mention Jack and R.D. and J?  I did, but they were there too.  I haven't been to Hannana restrurant in ages. ( ok, about 1 1/2 years!). I was nice to see the staff and the owner. She's served us too.
I had the pork. Yum. and Jack surprized no one by using chopsticks. I would have, but didn't feel putting all that work into eating.
That was nice.
I'm going to suggest we do this dining experience EVERY SINGLE DAY!. See what happens.
Well, did get my printer up and running again. the heads needed alignment and cleaning. I wish i had my laser printer.
So, on this Thursday, August 30th, its the next to last day of the month. Where did the time go?  Mowing the lawn, thats where!
be safe.
I'm off
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