August 28th, 2018


Wow, 80 degrees at 3:23AM!

What a way for August to end. Thunderstorms, high temps  and humidity. We've got 4 more days, almost like this. Those poor kids in school. Wow, the first day, week back and they're sweating, and thats not from taking a pop quiz! But fall, with its Brilliantly colored leaves, nice 70 degree temps and of course, the prospect of S.N.O.W. and winter, right around the corner!  Oh ha ha ha . caough you!  You knew i would sneak in that four word in somehow.
Now i feel better. ah, its nice to be the "S.N.O.W. man", once and awhile.
so today, is get ready for the big weather event they indicated we might get today through tomorrow. "We Might Get".  got it?
ok, i've done my damage, you can wipe away your tears. they'll be no snow this month.
I'm off
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