August 25th, 2018

Boys be boys

Wow, here comes the heat.......again.

So we now begin the last full week of August. and, we've had the first day of school.  Did anybody have school work to take home?  I hope so. Learning isn't just for school. Why limit yourself. Learn everywhere you find yourself.
So the plumber came yesterday and fixed the kitchen sink. I should say, he replaced everything under the sink! But he did a good job. For two weeks i've had to haul the dish water to dump it in the bathroom. But not now. YAY me.
Now to survive this hot, humid weekend. plus 2 days. yuck. and to think highschool football season started last night. those poor players. I hope they stay well.
So, to decide to put out the next issue of our newsletter. Its a lot of work, but everybody seems to like it.
ok, i'm off
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