August 20th, 2018


rise and shine, lazy bones. It's the first day of school!

YAY. We made it. The first day of school.  "Did you bring your teacher an apple?", "How about the latest stock exchange report?". See, there's just a lot you can do to brighten up your first day of school.
Me, I would go and bring all of scooter's cat hair. I would share it with everybody too.   I'm nice that way.
Hopefully, the first day of school will turn out great for everybody. Kids, teachers and of course, parents. its a win win situation.
I'm going to greet this Blue Monday by doing the laundry. Yes, i forgot to do it yesterday, so, its stairing me right in the face. ( nose  too).
Well, it's time to rub a tubb tubb.
I'm off
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